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Jacksonville Store

Oasis Garden Hydroponics

Jacksonville, FL (CLOSED)

Oasis Garden Center & Hydroponics has a location conveniently located in Jacksonville (JAX), FL. This store services its immediate area (Jacksonville, FL) as well as being easily accessible from St. Augustine, Daytona, Tallahassee and Southern Georgia. This location carries a multitude of products for your hydroponics, aquaponics, and indoor gardening needs as well as tools, planters, organic seeds, and other garden accessories for traditional/outdoor gardening.
5151 Sunbeam Rd. #4, Jacksonville, FL 32257
Ph. (904) 647 - 7863 Fx. (904) 647 - 7868
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Oasis Garden Hydroponics is Florida’s best hydroponics chain of stores and grow light provider. Oasis Garden Hydroponics has the best prices on a huge stock of hydroponic supplies and equipment. Oasis Garden Hydroponics is your one-stop grow shop, stocked with everything your garden needs to grow. We carry all the major brands of fertilizers, nutrients, soils, and grow mediums including certified organic products. We have a huge stock of grow lights, including all the latest technology in LED grow lights, Double Ended (DE) grow lights, HPS and MH grow lights, Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH - aka "LEC") grow lights, T5 fluorescent grow lights, and more. Oasis Garden Hydroponics is the grow store with more, we have the largest selection of Grow Tents in Florida, we have dozens of grow tents in stock for you to choose from, top quality grow tents at great prices.